• NRG Meal™ Bar

Size: 12 bars


NRG Meal™ Bar is a delicious, chocolate flavored, coated nutrition bar, featuring 20 grams of protein along with therapeutic levels of the energy-supportive nutrients, carnitine and CoQ10. It also contains prebiotic fiber and additional healthy fats from sunflower seed butter and palm oil. NRG Meal™ Bar is an excellent between-meal snack or pre/post-workout nourishment, as it helps support energy levels and satiety.

NRG Meal™ Bar’s main sweetener is allulose, a groundbreaking compound that looks and tastes like sugar but does not function like sugar. Our bodies lack the enzyme to digest allulose, so while we can absorb it, we cannot metabolize or “use” it. The end result is that it is nearly calorie-free, does not affect blood sugar levels, and does not cause any unpleasant gastric effects.

Note that the FDA requires allulose to be listed as a “sugar” on food labels, with the full caloric content of other carbohydrates, but it provides only 0.4 calories/gram—90% less than sucrose (sugar) —and a glycemic index of zero.

To learn about how allulose compares to other sweeteners, visit designsforhealth.com/allulose