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Designs for Health

Large Cooler Bag

Heat Sensitive Product: Click here for our related policy ›


UPC Code: 879452004061

Large Cooler Bag
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Heat Sensitive Shipping Policy

Designs for Health has certain items that are sensitive to higher temperatures and higher humidity levels, and therefore may require shipping in a cool environment depending on your location and time of year. For example, we recommend that probiotics ship year-round with a cooler bag and cold packs. Cold packs may melt during shipping which should not affect product integrity, as they take a long time to melt, and because probiotics are manufactured with overages that ensure label potency when exposed to higher temperatures.

It is also recommended that PaleoBars™ and all softgel products ship with a cooler bag and cold packs if the temperatures are expected to exceed 80°F for a prolonged period of time during transit. These items are subject to special shipping procedures due to their sensitive nature. In order to maintain this policy, our customer service department monitors the weather and transit time daily.

We endeavor to deliver all orders, including heat-sensitive items, within one to three business days. Expedited and guaranteed shipping services are available at an additional cost. Depending on the day of order and ship-to address, we may not be able to ship heat-sensitive orders until the following Monday to avoid orders held in transit over the weekend. For orders that combine heat-sensitive and non-heat-sensitive items, customers may elect to have their order ship in its entirety on Monday, or choose to split their order and have only their heat-sensitive products ship on Monday. If the customer elects to split their order, Designs for Health’s regular shipping policies will apply to each shipment’s value.

At our discretion, Designs for Health will add a cooler bag (s) to your order to ensure product potency and integrity.

For any questions regarding our Heat-Sensitive Policy, please contact Customer Service at 1.800.847.8302.

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